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I wish to thank all people who have contributed to the Sputnik.

In random order:
KDE - for original KHTML
Apple - for making WebCore
Nokia - for their contributions to WebCore
Stefan Stuntz - for MUI
CURL team - for CURL
Grzegorz "Krashan" Kraszewski - for TrueTypeEngine2
Micha "Kiero" Woniak - for some help in coding and example code
MorphOS Team - for MorphOS
Marcin "Korni" Kornas - for the icon
Michael Dietz - for donated Cubic IDE
alpine - for site design and about/error pages
Polski Portal Amigowy - for hosting
All testers - for testing
All other MorphOS developers - for their apps
All MorphZone bounty donors
All that i forgot...
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