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Review the topics in this help section if you have any questions about Sputnik. If you can't find the answers you need, contact me.

Help » Requirements

To use Sputnik you must install latest MUI beta and some up to date Ambient. If you have in "Libs:" "z.library" you must delete it - MUI4 might crash if that library is there. You also need to have "Lamp.mcc". To install fonts you must have a working XadMaster on your HD.

Help » Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Question
A - Answer
Q: What about version for different systems?
A: My main focus for now is MorphOS version. But there are also some plans for OS4 version (more about it here).
Q: Is it true that author of that port is an evil morphsheep that doesn't want to cooperate with anyone?
A: Yes, it's true ;-).
Q: What about xyz?
A: Best place to ask questions is PPA (polish-only) or MorphZone. You can also find me at various channels in FreeNode network (like #ppa or #morphos) hiding under "marcik" nick.
Q: I want to support the port with some money. What should I do?
A: There's a bounty at MorphZone so anyone who want to support projects with some money can make a donation. You can also contact me directly. Bounty is temporary dead.
Q: Will be the Shockwave Flash supported?
A: It will if someone creates a plug-in (plug-in API is a part of KTHML, but it has low priotity on my todo list).
Q: Will be the Java supported?
A: The same as for Flash - if somebody creates a plug-in - why not.
Q: Will it be possible to create an own browser based on KHTML engine?
A: There are long term plans to create MUI custom class for WWW browsing, so everyone can use it in own applications.
Q: Where i can find sources of the LGPL part of Sputnik?
A: Take a look at download section.
Q: Where i can find some info about licenses?
A: It's in the Sputnik lha archive. Drawer "LICENSES"
Q: What projects Sputnik includes?
A: WebCore (licensed under LGPL), LibCurl code, LibIconv, TLFS allocator, OpenSSL Toolkit
Q: Is there ARexx port?
A: Sputnik includes very simple ARexx port. It supports:
- "OPENURL URL/A" - it opens URL in active tab
- "OPENNEWTAB ACTIVATE/S,URL" - it opens new tab and activates it if ACTIVATE is set. If URL is given it's loaded.
- "CLOSETAB" - it close active tab
Q: Are there any rendering issues?
A: 1. Frames still has some problems, which may cause some strange layout problems on some pages
2. Image renderer is not fully done. GIF images might have some problems, AnimGIFs are not supported, images base64-encoded in code also.
3. It's not recommended to use bitmap frames from MUI4 in Sputnik.

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