19.04.2008, BETA 4 Release, History

- moved network code from Sputnik to curl.library
- added keyboard navigation:
'1' and '2' navigate between tabs,
arrows scroll page,
arrows + shift jumps whole page (so does space/backspace),
arrows + ctrl jumps to the begin/end (so does PgUp PgDn),
left/right + alt goes back/forward in history,
amiga+w close active tab,
amiga+t opens new tab
and some more
- added new cookies code (much, much, much faster, especialy on small files transfer),
compatible with JavaScript but not compatible with older cookies
- activating new tab activates url string
- improved network code (shouldn't stall anymore)
- fixed download manager crash on finish/close transfer
- improved overall stability a bit
- extra spaces are removed from url
- added support for google search toolbar
- added support for google suggest
- closing last active tab clears it
- yet another stability improvement
- improved html targets handling
- added automatic rejection of problematic and not needed urls (like http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab)
- added menu entry to automaticaly open url from clipboard (amiga+b)
- added meny entry to open local file
- implemented find in page (amiga+f or /)
- implemented copy & paste from page (it has problems selecting single chars) (amiga+c)
- fixed download manager not to stop previous download on starting another in some conditions
- fixed showing images as pages (fixing for example imageshack)
- fixed some broken redirections
- display url of link in status text
- fixed handling of application/xhtml+xml
- fixed handling of charset auto
- updated curl
- now with 5 milions less scrollbars
- scrolling request is send to a top frame if a current one can't scroll anymore
- fixed problems with mui gadgets and text selecting
- coping text to clipboard doesn't stop on not convertable char anymore
- added saving current session
- fixed LOTS of ajax scripts
- fixed not loading some pages to the end
- url of downloaded pages is saved in file comment
- added support for filename in header when saving files
- you can add url as an argument in a command line, like "sputnik www.my.url"
- lamps are updated when switching pages
- no more coping trash at the end of the last word
- no more trashing text when selecting. should also fix some broken text layout on some sites.
- not loaded flash object aren't displayed as a grey block anymore
- added content blocking
- added support for javascripts panels
- fixed big memory leaks (happend for example on mouse move)
- fixed not showing urls in status text
- fixed google suggest
- added copy text item to popmenu
- added configureable actions on pressing window close button
- improved in-memory cache
- added option not automaticaly pop download manager
- fixed blocking servers
- sputnik asks before it adds url to blacklist
- reduced flickering on page load
- dynamic content also works on page which loading was stopped
- fixed width of url status field
- added support for file uploading
- added support for scrollbar object
- fixed some memtrash
- added workaround for a broken location header
- sputnik choose correct target frame
- you can set fastlinks rows number
- updated POST routines
- new error and about:info pages
- added home and reload buttons
- reload force server to send upto date version of webpage
- added support for HTTP AUTH
- now with even less memory trashing
- fixed handling of auto charset
- fixed lots of javascript crashes, like maps.google.com
- select html widget now supports also list-alike select
- fixed some cycle gadgets being too wide
- fixed crash in resource viewer
- now first path for .css and missingimage is progdir:html/
- fixed some timer crashes
- reduced memory usage
- fixed .css checking - it now includes progdir: check
- fixed pressing input/cycle widgets starting text mark